Brewers only pay for what they need when they need it

No restrictive long-term contracts giving Brewers total flexibility

Capital injection from the sale of an existing keg fleet & savings on the capital cost of purchasing any future kegs

Global Keg’s pooled model will eliminate shortages and efficiently address “seasonal” or “peak” usage i.e. Kegs are where they need to be when they need to be there

No deposits or reverse logistics to worry about leading to significantly reduced administration overhead i.e. Brewers can focus on brewing great beer


Eliminate lost sales because Wholesalers do not have the right kegs when they need them

No more costly keg attrition to worry about and no need for expensive and time consuming keg audits or inventories

Normalize the Brewer / Wholesaler relationship with no more tension over lost kegs

The accounting and reconciliation nightmare, better known as deposits, will be consigned to history

Save on warehouse space and labor with the delivery of all kegs back to Global Keg immediately after collection from Accounts

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