The World's Most Advanced Keg

  • Keg Sizes
    • 1/2 Barrel
    • 1/4 Barrel
    • 1/6 Barrel
    • 50 Liter
  • Highest Quality Materials
    • AISI SS 304 stainless steel and the best weld construction in the industry
  • Business Model Designed with Sustainability at its Core
    • Reusable, Recycle, 30 year lifetime durability
  • Barcode Labels
    • MetalCraft C128 formatted industry standard 26 character unique keg serial number and Keg size
  • RFID Tags
    • Welded and encoded via GS1 Passive Tag Gen 1 Class 2 format with 96 character GRAI Serial Number
  • Sankey Spear
    • Micro Matic type D system Sankey type spear and valve on each SmartKeg™

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