Our SmartKeg™ Technology

SmartKeg™ is Global Keg’s state of the art online real-time keg tracking system that captures each keg movement using RFID and Barcode technology. Since each keg is uniquely encoded, SmartKeg™ knows the movement and fill history of each individual keg.

Brewers order kegs by entering keg quantity, size, location and date needed . SmartKeg™ then tracks the order through the fulfillment process at a Global Keg reclamation center. Order status, fulfillment history and location information are maintained and used for future order forecast planning.

As kegs are filled, the product brew type, fill date and expiration date are established in the SmartKeg™ system. This information allows for tracking and reporting product distribution and freshness.

By tracking and tracing keg movement out to distributors and through the retail chain, SmartKeg™ obtains the data necessary to see when product is flowing and what product is about to expire. This allows both brewers and distributors to better manage the inventory.

Because of this detailed tracking, keg loss is significantly reduced, and valuable information such as keg movement between locations, keg content aging, product expiration and keg/product cycle time can be provided.

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