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The Best Techniques Meet The Best Brew Tech

You tried to warn them. The long hours, the back aches from brew days and cleaning, sanitizing and more cleaning. Who can help it really? Few jobs are more satisfying at the end of the day than brewing beer. Maybe it’s a general disdain for corporate jobs, or maybe it’s a desire to master a craft that brings people together. Whatever the case, the fact remains: with over 7,300 breweries in the U.S., the competition to brew beer for a living is more challenging than ever now.

Colorado State University’s Fermentation Science and Technology Program launched in 2013 to give students insight into the science of fermentation from a food and beverage perspective. It wasn’t until October 2018 that the university opened the Lory Student Center Teaching Brewery. CSU’s teaching brewery provides students with hands-on experience in a cutting-edge, commercial capacity. The state-of-the-art facilities include the New Belgium Brewing FST Lab and the Anheuser-Busch Foundation Quality Lab. These big-name labs, coupled with the learning opportunities directed by successful veterans within the beer industry, make CSU home to one of the top on-campus teaching breweries in the nation. As a result, admission into the program remains in high demand among ambitious students.

Future Brewmasters Unite With A Major In Beer

The student-operated teaching brewery delivers an invaluable experience using state-of-the-art brewing equipment. That’s why when our friends at CSU shared their plans for a student brewery with us, we were happy to assist. We partnered with the Fermentation Science and Technology Program to donate top-of-the-line stainless steel kegs and state-of-the-art tech to improve CSU’s draft beer capabilities.

There is a generation of brewers coming up who are seriously excited about carrying on the legacy of making great beer. Only now, they’re able to gain crucial knowledge with beer industry vets who have paved the way for the next generation of passionate brewers to improve their craft, and the future of beer is looking brighter every day. Since the program started, students have crafted four unique styles of beer, including their flagship brew, “Cam’s Golden Ale”.

Making History & Improving The Industry

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Colorado State University Fermentation Science graduates have already gone on to take the insights they’ve gathered from CSU’s student brewery to jobs they’ve landed at New Belgium Brewing, Oskar Blues, Odell Brewing, Guinness's Diageo, Miller Coors, and many more.

The CSU students even kegged their very first official batch of beer in our kegs just in time for homecoming. We know it was just the first batch of many, but we’re humbled for the role we played in their milestone. We’re also proud of the Fermentation Science students and staff who continue to bring their labor of love to the classroom and work toward improving the industry, one beer at a time.

Leading The Charge For The Future Of Brewing

Other than donating SmartKeg™ barrels on demand, we provided CSU’s teaching brewery with RFID scanners, a laptop, and the training to teach the faculty how to use our kegs and easy-to-use tracking/tracing technology. Students see firsthand how and why we can find our kegs anywhere in the world!

Being able to expose students to a real-world inventory management system for kegs gives them invaluable experience,” said Jeff Callaway, the associate director of the Fermentation Sciences at Colorado State University. As the scope of the operation expands, students will get more hands-on opportunities to track their inventory without the guesswork, thanks to our Smart Technology.

Global Keg makes breweries more efficient. As Jeff points out, “Most small breweries like ours don’t have the financial capability to invest in sophisticated ERP software, so being able to track our SmartKegs with Global Keg’s tech is a game-changing solution. SmartKegs take so little time to scan in and out. The convenient and easy-to-use Smart Tech lets us spend our time and resources on other activities and services so we can focus on our main objective: teaching students to make world-class beer!” After all, no one is lining up to go to Keg School.

When we say “Tap Into The Future” we mean it … through technology, innovative research projects, and providing students with direct access to industry-leading equipment, we are helping provide CSU’s Fermentation Science students with an unmatched opportunity to shape the future of the beer industry.

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