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Cold, damp, forgotten and probably lost. And no, we’re not talking about that one wild night from your early-20s. We’re talking about your brewery’s stray kegs. Chances are, there are more of your kegs than you’d like to admit that are empty, and to make matters worse, they’re only full of your product 6-months out of the year. On average, a keg only experiences 2–3 turns a year. That means your kegs spend more time at the distributor’s warehouse, on the back of a truck, or off the beaten path than they do transporting your beer. So, how can you solve your biggest keg return challenges simply?

Keg Return Challenges

Distributors don’t like empty kegs sitting around their warehouse, and more importantly, empty kegs don’t make your business any money. Therefore, achieving a better ROI on your keg investments means turning over the empty kegs you own more often. If you want to get the most out of your cooperage, get your kegs from the retailer and back to your brewery more quickly.

We started our SmartReturn™ service after our drivers would pick up our empty SmartKeg™ rentals from the distributors’ warehouses and noticed something unusual. Each visit, they’d see the same stacks of kegs belonging to breweries waiting to get picked up. This wasn’t just happening in one city, either. Countless kegs from many breweries were accumulating in distributors’ warehouses around the world. We knew we could help the industry with our logistics network, so more breweries and distributors could improve their supply chain with convenient reverse logistics.

Keeping track of your kegs can be a full-time job. In fact, we employ people around the world to do just that. The responsibilities of keg management are never-ending between recording deposits, recovering lost kegs, and ordering replacement cooperage. Keg management duties are never-ending. To top it all off, growing your business and expanding into new markets also means increasing the network of distributors. SmartReturn™ helps expand your business’s reach and expedite keg return with simple, efficient, and cost-effective reverse logistics.

The Best Reverse Logistics Solution For Breweries & Distributors

SmartReturn™ Benefits

  • More frequent pick-ups
  • Faster keg returns conveniently
  • More efficient asset utilization
  • Frees up space in a distributor's warehouse
  • Saves time and money
  • Lowers asset retrieval costs

Our SmartReturn™ keg return service isn’t the fastest because all of our empty kegs get overnighted on a 747—although we’ve done it before. We return empty kegs faster because, unlike the other keg logistics companies out there, we don’t depend on just a single distant reclamation center. We operate point-to-point reclamation centers across North America, South America, UK, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Our global footprint allows us to make faster and smarter returns more sustainably. No matter where your kegs are in the world by bringing your assets to the nearest warehouse so we can get your kegs back to you more quickly. We ship to and pick up from over 500 cities around the globe. So, we figured since we’re in the neighborhood, we’d see if we can grab something for you.

SmartReturn™ makes life easier for breweries and distributors everywhere.

Currently, our ongoing asset return partnerships with breweries include Lagunitas, Chimay, Bavik de Brandebere, to name a few. Plus, the process for setting up a return is simple.

How To Return Global Kegs

  • Locate the “Keg & Pallet Returns” at the top right of the homepage
  • Fill in the required fields
  • Select the brand and size of any kegs belonging to any one of the breweries we’ve partnered with from the appropriate drop-down menu
  • Hit “Send Return Request” and that’s it. We’ll organize your pick-up.

You’ve invested a lot of capital into kegs. Don’t let the retrieval of your kegs hold your business back. Instead, sell more beer while spending less time than ever before to manage your inventory and retrieve your kegs from Timbuktu. Be smarter about managing your keg inventory with convenient and flexible keg returns for breweries.

Get more kegs on demand for your brewery or beverage manufacturer efficiently and sustainably anywhere in the world. Now your brewery can enjoy elite logistics services and the freedom of never tracking kegs down again. Contact us today to find your kegs and get your assets returned to you faster.

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