Returning Your Kegs. The Right Way

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Distributors don’t like empty kegs sitting around their warehouse, and more importantly, empty AWOL kegs don’t make your brewery any money. Therefore, achieving a better ROI on your keg investments means turning over the empty kegs that you own more frequently.

Idle Kegs Make Fretful Minds

If you want to get the most out of your cooperage, get your kegs from the distributor and back to your brewery more quickly. You’ve invested a lot of capital into kegs. Don’t let the retrieval of your kegs hold your business back. Instead, sell more beer while spending less time than ever before to manage your inventory and retrieve your kegs from wherever they are whenever you need them.

Brainy Keg Management with SmartReturn™

We return empty kegs faster because, unlike the other keg logistics companies out there, we don’t depend on just a single distant reclamation center. We operate point-to-point reclamation centers across North and South America, UK, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Our global footprint allows us to make faster and smarter returns more sustainably. No matter where your kegs are, by bringing your assets to the nearest warehouse we can get your kegs back to you more quickly. We ship to and pick up from over 500 cities around the globe. So, we figured since we’re in the neighborhood, we’d see if we can grab your kegs for you. Here’s how:

1. Sign up with Global Keg for our SmartReturn™
2. Distributor enters brand, keg size, and quantity to be picked up through GK website portal and submitted directly to Global Keg
3. Empty kegs are scheduled for pick up within days
4. Kegs are returned to closest Global Keg reclamation center and sorted by brand
5. Brewer is contacted when empty kegs have been picked up and are palletized for return to the brewery
6. Arrangements are made to get kegs returned to the rightful owner and invoiced accordingly

Get the kegs you need on-demand for your brewery efficiently and sustainably anywhere in the world. Now your brewery can enjoy elite logistic services and the freedom of never tracking kegs down again. To make it easier for you, we have no quantifying thresholds, which means we’ll get them back to you when you need them. Contact us today to find your kegs returned to you faster.

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