Crazy Enough To Overnight Kegs To Iceland

Global Keg Smartkeg Rental Overnight Flight To Iceland
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The Stories From The Vault Series shares the true and exceptional cases of customer service by Global Keg that have become the stuff of legends over the years.

Our first story takes place in a remote town in Northern Iceland, 60 miles south of the Arctic Circle, where the sun shines for 23 hours in the summer and only 3 hours in the winter. An internationally beloved brewery was facing an emergency keg shortage, so they called us to rent what they needed.

Nestled at the base of a fjord, our customer placed an order to rent our SmartKegs™ for a fresh batch of their latest brew. As a quick aside, our kegs always arrive on time--it’s part of our “Fit-For-Use Guarantee”. But this time the hundreds of Imperial and Metric kegs (with different valve types) needed to fulfill their order were still circulating worldwide among our global network of reclamation centers during the retrieval process, and we were running out of time. Back at the brewery, our customer’s beer was reaching the end of fermentation and the kegs intended to fill their order wouldn’t be there in time. We had to act fast so our customer could keg their latest batch before a single drop went to waste.

We immediately put 700 brand new kegs straight from the manufacturer on a Boeing 747 to arrive at the brewery the very next day. The folks at the brewery were shocked when our shiny new kegs arrived and they discovered the lengths we were willing to go to deliver on time.

Like our Nordic customer, breweries across the globe are experiencing Global Keg’s passion to ensure our customers are always satisfied. No matter the size of your brewery or where you are on the map, distributing your product to new markets has never been easier. Our SmartKeg™ technology pinpoints and tracks your beer around the world, from your brewery to the retailer in real time, with precise accuracy. Enjoy elite logistics services with zero keg liability and the freedom of never tracking kegs down again.

“We always keep our commitment to our customers. They rely on us to improve their supply chain efficiency and trust us to keep their customers supplied with the beer they order,” says Global Keg Founder, Bob “Bobby” Moore. “Our ongoing relationship with the brewery in this story was well worth the initial cost we incurred to deliver their kegs in time. We’re constantly improving, so we don’t need to line up a fleet of jumbo jets outside your brewery to deliver your next SmartKeg™ rental, but our word is our bond.”

We helped this particular Icelandic brewery confidently bring their draft brew to new markets throughout the U.S. and Europe to grow their business. Allow us to do the same for you--who knows, we might end up saving the day for your brewery too.

Global Keg delivers what you need, when you need it, every time. We are the only keg rental company in the world who guarantees “Fit-For-Use” quality for our services, and we hold ourselves to this standard because we respect you, your business and your brew.

Overnight rental kegs save the day

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