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Environmentally Friendly Draft Solutions

What if your brewery could improve its environmental footprint with no additional effort required? What if you could sell your draft beer and not worry about any future keg liability at the same time?

From grain to brew, chances are you’re doing everything you can do to go green. Your brewery works hard to reduce energy costs, decrease carbon emissions, use eco-friendly packaging, and source ingredients responsibly. Still, the most overlooked way to have a major green impact while still expanding your draft beer business is by optimizing your draft beer logistics. How? Use sustainable and renewable stainless steel rental kegs to cut 100% of your carbon emissions once your beer reaches the retailer.

As your brand and business grow, so does your carbon footprint. That means more water, more ingredients, and more logistical resources to meet demand. But you don’t have to sacrifice your carbon footprint to grow or improve the way your brewery runs. Global Keg reduces your brewery’s emissions more efficiently with every SmartKeg™rental. We also reduce mileage for empty keg travel worldwide and proactively seek partnerships with the most progressive, sustainable logistics companies.

Cut Your Carbon Emissions, Rent Kegs

When it comes to eco-friendly kegs, breweries sometimes think of plastic one-way kegs. Plastic kegs may not require sanitizing, but they negatively impact the quality and flavor of your beer. Not to mention, 90% of recyclable one-way plastics end up in landfills. As a result, one-way plastic kegs cause irreparable harm to the environment because they’re only used once before they’re disposed.

Meanwhile, steel keg leasing companies emit more carbon because they brand their kegs for specific brewers. Those brewers immediately lose the environmental benefits of a pooled keg asset. That branding has limited brand building or awareness impact as kegs are rarely visible to consumers and the branding on the kegs makes those brewers solely responsible for all the inefficient LTL reverse logistics. And the delayed turn times keeps kegs in circulation longer than necessary, requiring breweries to unnecessarily own up to twice as many kegs as they would typically need, just to cover peak seasonal demand. Leasing or owning any kegs (let alone “Eco” plastic kegs) force you to stretch your resources and spend more time focusing on orchestrating trucks, instead of beer.

We help your brewery decrease waste with our trackable kegs and our “Fit-For-Use” guarantee. This means you receive clean and inspected kegs ready to sanitize, every time, or we pay you. Global Keg recycles and reuses 100% of any kegs that are not fit-for-use to reduce waste and minimize our environmental impact. Plus, our empty kegs don’t log as many miles thanks to our unique global logistics strategy that leverages reclamation centers that are never far away.

Uber-Efficient Keg Logistics

Each SmartKeg™ always travels the shortest distance possible every time because of our worldwide network of Point-to-Point reclamation centers. Take a quick scroll through our Instagram, and you’ll see it’s no secret. Our unique strategy operates a network of reclamation centers all over the world, in areas where draft beer sales are highest.

As a Global Keg rental customer, you can even log on to our easy-to-use platform and track where your beer is in real-time to proactively manage distribution and sales to new and distant retailers around the world. Our expansion throughout the UK, Europe, Asia, Australia, North America, and South America make it more convenient for all brewers to tap into new markets, no matter the distance.

We’re always working to improve how we do business for our customers, ourselves and most importantly our planet. We’ve made great strides to reduce carbon emissions and on-road emissions for our customers with our SmartKeg™ rentals, SmartPallet™ rentals, and SmartReturn™ services. We focus on helping all breweries work toward zero carbon emissions by providing quality products that last and are reused again and again. Our Fit-For-Use guarantee gives every SmartKeg™ the chance of achieving the full 30-years of its lifespan before it gets recycled. Plus, our trackable SmartPallets last for 10+ years and average 250 trips compared to just 5-6 trips for traditional wooden pallets.

Sell More Beer With Fewer Trucks

We reduce the number of trucks on the road while getting more beer to your customers’ tap handles; no matter the distance. Freight vehicles specifically are responsible for 40% of global transportation emissions. That’s why we continue to develop partnerships with internationally-known green carriers and sustainability-certified freight forwarders to do our part in lowering that number. We’re also working to expand our network of low carbon and alt-fuel fleets. Essentially, we conserve travel to meet the EU’s sustainable transportation targets and primarily stick with local freight transfers.

We understand the urgency of climate change. We see it first-hand in the 40 countries Global Keg is in, and we continue to improve our business model around sustainable practices. That’s why we’re partnering with environmentally ambitious beer industry leaders to honor the Paris Agreement and reduce the emissions it takes to put pints in customers’ hands. Through the combination of our SmartKeg™, SmartPallet™, and SmartReturn™ technologies, we cut 100% of a brewer’s carbon footprint once the beer reaches the retailer.

What’s best for your beer can also be what’s best for the environment. In other words, your brewery can achieve its full potential by establishing sustainable solutions that also help scale your business more efficiently.

At Global Keg, we’re committed to helping more breweries like yours become more efficient and eco-friendly with every SmartKeg™ and SmartPallet™. Not only do we eliminate 100% of all keg liability for your brewery, but we also help your brewery get closer to net-zero carbon emissions with our world-leading Smart technologies. Sustainable brewing doesn’t just make for a cleaner planet. It gives future customers the opportunity to appreciate your beer for generations to come.

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