SmartKeg™ Rentals

The World's Most
Advanced Rental Keg

Track kegs around the world with our
innovative RFID tracking technology.
Keg Rentals Management
Rental Keg Sizes
We provide the finest quality beer kegs from leading global manufacturers in a variety of sizes.

Multiple valve types are available

Sixtel Barrel Keg Rentals
1/6 Barrel
20L Barrel Keg Rentals
20 Liter
Quarter Barrel Keg Rentals
1/4 Barrel
30L Barrel Keg Rentals
30 Liter
Half Barrel Keg Rentals
1/2 Barrel
50L Barrel Keg Rentals
50 Liter
Stories from the Vault
“One of our West Coast customers needed beer kegs and we missed the delivery date. We’re not perfect, but we’re always accountable, which is why we have our fit-for-use guarantee. The next day I personally got on a plane, delivered the guarantee check to the brewer and made sure he got the kegs he needed.”

Bob Moore Founder, Global Keg

Wholesale Kegs for Rent distributor
Superior Quality Guaranteed
We ensure all kegs are clean,
fit-for-use and delivered on-time.
Our rental kegs are crafted from high quality stainless steel and the finest welding construction in the industry. We value sustainable processes, therefore we ensure that our beer kegs are reusable, durable and have a lifespan of 30 years, unlike some leasing companies. Additionally, our management recycles worn-out kegs, containers, and platforms to reduce waste and minimize our environmental footprint.
Keg Rentals suppliers
Why Rent Kegs
Mitigate risk by transferring asset liability to us.
Brewers, distributors/wholesalers/suppliers, and importers all experience missed out revenue opportunities due to pallet shortages driven by geographical variances, seasonal uncertainties, and even special events that cause unexpected volume spikes. We've created one single global pool of rental kegs to address current supply chain inefficiencies for companies. The deployment of RFID technology on each individual keg minimizes the risk and greatly reduce the likelihood of lost or stolen assets for a company or distributor. By transferring this asset liability to us, beer keg replacement, lost rental keg fees and keg repairs will no longer be a cost of doing business.
SmartKeg™ Technology
Gain access to real-time data and tracking reports while eliminating maintenance costs.

Each of our rental kegs use RFID technology and unique identification barcodes that allows us to track and trace individual kegs no matter where they are in the world. This system of keg tracking has never been easier when we provide customized and comprehensive data reports that help you proactively manage distribution, inventory, and freshness of beer. With our Smart Technology, we secure uninterrupted keg supply regardless of demand.