SmartPallet™ Rentals

Plastic Pallets That Are Built To Last

Our smart pallets can be traced from anywhere
in the world using our RFID tracking technology.
Smart Pallet Rentals
Plastic vs. Wood
Save costs and achieve efficiency with the superiority of our plastic pallets.


Lighter in Weight
Uniform in Size
Highly Durable
100% Recyclable
Stories from the Vault
“One of our largest keg customers’ wood pallets had been a nightmare for them, shedding wood shards and jamming up their automated equipment. I explained how our plastic pallets could virtually eliminate that issue. No more wood shards. Problem solved.”

Bob Moore Founder, Global Keg

Keg Logistics
Why Rent Pallets
Gain efficiency and sustainability with the superiority of plastic.
We've created one single global pool of plastic pallet assets to address current supply chain inefficiencies. Our asset pooling model creates the scale required to be competitively priced with wood pallets. The deployment of RFID technology on each individual pallet minimizes the risk and greatly reduces the likelihood of lost or stolen assets. By transferring this asset liability to us, asset losses will no longer be a cost of doing business for brewers, distributors/wholesalers, and importers.
SmartPallet™ Technology
Gain access to real-time data and tracking reports while eliminating maintenance costs.

Each of our pallets use RFID technology and unique identification barcodes that allows us to track and trace individual pallets no matter where they are. We provide customized and comprehensive data reports that help you proactively manage distribution or inventory. We step in to handle seasonal peak demands of pallet rental which results in you not having to use capital expenditure to purchase new ones.