Making Returns
Simple and Smart

A better, more efficient, and lower cost option
to get assets back to their rightful owner.
Reverse Logistics
In A Nutshell
Regardless of ownership, SmartReturn™ allows us to pick up and return assets from anywhere in the world.
How This Benefits You
We can get what you want back when you want it.

Our reverse logistics service can be bundled with renting our assets but is also offered as a stand-alone service. We are able to pick up your empty kegs more frequently and return them faster to ensure efficient asset utilization. No more waiting around for a large enough load to return kegs. With SmartReturn™, relieve the stress that comes with returning kegs and optimize your business.

Frequent Pick-Ups
Faster Returns
Efficient Asset Utilization
Simplified Pricing
Stories from the Vault
“One of our most remote customers in Iceland needed kegs ASAP. To avoid the brewer having to short orders, we put kegs on a 747. It wasn’t cheap, but we kept our promise. They got what they needed when they needed it.”

Bob Moore Founder, Global Keg

Keg Tracking
How We Do It
Our global footprint allows us to make faster and smarter returns.
SmartReturn™ is our reverse logistics service that works on a decentralized network. Instead of having a centralized hub for our kegs and plastics pallets, we have collection points all over the globe that give us the ability to have efficient asset utilization. As a result, we make faster returns and more frequent pick-ups when and where you need it.